Monday, September 10, 2007

Video profile of bike commuter

The talented Carrie Cochran produced this video on local bike commuter Wes Crout.

Here's the text and slideshow.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Getting the baby to enjoy the bike trailer

The baby - 1.5 years old - doesn't enjoy riding in her bike trailer. Our longest ride with her to date is 2 miles.

We were SO excited to take her out on the bike (and for us to start cycling again,) so as soon as she turned 1, we wanted to try out the trailer. Her helmet - the smallest size available - was too big.

So, we waited for several months. Five months to be exact.

Now that the helmet fits, my kid doesn't get a kick out of the trailer. We gave her snacks (occupied her for the most part) and loaded the trailer with stuffed animals and books, but after awhile, she had had it. I think she wants to ride on her own bike, not in a trailer.

A friend suggested what she used to do ... give the kid a radio with a knob so she can tune it. Cool idea!

The cost of my commute

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and first, travel about 5 miles to drop my child off at daycare then head about 3 more miles to work. My husband picks up our daughter, so I usually head straight home from work.

According to's cost of driving calculator, my monthly commuting cost is $312 and my annual commuting cost is $3744.

The parking garage (downtown, same building where I work) is $150 a month.

Pre baby, I used to ride my bike to work and my cost was about $200 in the first year:
- Winter riding stuff - Tights ($85) and heavier duty winter cycling gloves ($15?)
- Tires - One pair, I think ($80-ish)
- About 5 tubes ($25-ish, probably less)
- Shampoo - An extra shampoo for at work - I use soap as body wash, not just for the head ($3)


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Husband now wants to eat Chipotle all the time

This is because Chipotle is sponsoring a cycling team. Quoteth the husband: "They are very serious and very stylish."

And now, they want you (the generic form of the pronoun) to design their new jersey!