Sunday, May 28, 2006

Riding again...and the soundtrack for the ride

We spent some time in the laid back college town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, today, and what do you know, we encountered a bike race!

It seemed -- as it always seems when I'm in a college town -- that everyone was riding a bike. Old guys were riding flat footed on cruisers with panniers, young kids were riding to their friends' houses, college kids were cruising around on their 80's throwback bikes...I could go on and on with the descriptions but you get the picture, especially since it's virtually the same picture in every college town.

There was plenty of team Lycra around town, and combined with the sunny mid-80's weather, I was itching to be back on the saddle, pereneal stitches and all. Don't worry, I didn't get back on -- my bike was sitting safely in our basement, unaware that it was great bike weather, perfect for soundtracks and movie opens.

I don't have the time to delve into what songs would be perfect for -- I have to pump before baby wakes up -- but I would include "Cosy In The Rocket" (you may know it as the Grey's Anatomy theme song) as a blase ride down the smooth, smooth road on an impossibly sunny day.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Babes on bikes

I am beginning to research how to take little Anna bike riding. Of course, I'll leave the decision about when she's strong enough (head and neck strength, mainly) up to the doctor, but I need to get started on researching what to buy.

This lady took her child around in a trailer and simply attached the baby seat inside.

This place, the Bike Helmet Safety Institute, recommends (and I've read this other places) not to take baby along on any bike rides until she's at least one year old. In fact, some states prohibit kids under 1 year riding on bikes or in bike trailers.

This guy has a page that addresses trailers vs. kiddie bike seats.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The body yearns

Anna is now 3 weeks old, and my body is yearning to get back on the bike. The spring showers have subsided, short sleeved shirts are making their way back upstairs from plastic tubs in basements and fat people on overpriced bikes are showing up on the streets of my neighborhood.

I'm feeling better, mostly. The lack of sleep isn't killing me, but I'm not completely healed up down there. I'm yearning to gingerly swing my leg over the bike, just to remember what it feels like, but I don't want to, erm, rip anything back open. That'd be inconvenient for me and the baby.

I have had very little - okay no - me-time, so I don't feel like I'm being a bad mamma, abandoning my babe, my sweetest of the sweetie pies, my most wonderful, special, adorable, perfect child. Instead, I'm interested in maintaining part of my own identity, and in time, enabling Anna to join me on bike rides.

So, I not-so-patiently wait for my followup doctor's appointment and hope he gives the thumbs up.

Speaking of postpartum cycling, this VeloNews article says 10 weeks postpartum is a typical back on bike schedule.