Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bike hate

I'm sitting on the bed, laptop on lap, baby sleeping away next to me. There's only one thing missing from this idyllic situation: the husband.

He's still out judging some moot court competition. Come home, already! We can both stare at the baby at the same time! Come on!

So, to pass the time, aside from writing this fabulous blog post, staring at my beautiful baby, eating Kashi GOOD FRIENDS (how do they know, exactly?) with some brown sugar thrown in for good measure, listening to some PBS special, giving the baby a bath, reading my favorite parenting blogs - and also participated in a favorite timewaster of the 2000's: Googling random terms.

Tonight's random search: bike hate

Winner of top ranking in Google (Dude! You must enter that #1 ranking into the Guinness Book of World Records!!!! Seriously, who reads that piece of crap book except for 5th graders who are attempting to grow their "own" libraries (that was me, in case you couldn't tell) and dorks who like to look at the photos of the dwarves, extra-long fingernails, and super-tall guy (really? that was me, too!)?) for the term "bike hate":

SITE #1:

A Spate Of Bike Hate - This is a boring post where a person recalls the jeers the anti-cyclists spewed forth at him.

What would be cooler is if someone compiled a list of bike hate quotes. My husband gets "F'in homo!" quite a bit because he can't be hetero since AND wear Lycra, and because he insists on taking the Whisky Tango route all the time - the one where the classy folks yell at passerbys from their rockin' chairs.

SITE #2: Bad Case of Bike Hate - This is an essay in a bike zine. I thought the story was on the boring side.

SITE #3: BIKE HATE CREW - This is the bees knees. A DIRT JUMP DOWNHILL FOURCROSS FREERIDE TEAM. Shit, I didn't even know DIRT JUMP DOWNHILL FOURCROSS FREERIDE TEAMs existed, did you? It's not in English, which explains why the stylish English language title doesn't actually mean anything. Pretty pictures on this site.


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