Wednesday, January 05, 2005

the cult of neo-domesticity... something i just don't "get".

case in point: dooce. used to be way fun, full of exciting adventures. but let's face it, since leta was born, this blog has been BORING, BORING, BORING. (heather's candid letters from the looney bin were gripping in a very real way, but that too seemed trite -- sorry -- in a desperate housewives kinda way.)

i still check in every day in the hopes that exciting things will happen in utah (yeah, right!), that i will not have to endure another day of leta's baby milestones (she's not mine; i don't care), but let's face it, a baby is EVERYTHING to their parents.

i know that one day i'll drown people in playdate stories, and not notice as people politely smile with their lips but not with their eyes (a sure sign!) as i talk about little sweet potato's escapades at the park.

but for now, give me the photo blogs, the blogs of the freaks and geeks, the but i'm afraid to say that despite dooce's witty prose, my interest is waning.


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