Thursday, April 28, 2005

bike report

Mileage: Not sure. Bike's downstairs again. I'm posting from home and I'm macramed to the couch.

I had a lot to lug to work today. I'm always surprised how a few extra pounds make the hills that much harder. The weather is still chilly and very un-spring like. Bah.

I didn't smell anything at the restaurant commisary today. Perhaps it was an off day.

I watched the Doppler radar all afternoon, and planned to leave with enough time to avoid the rain, and I was successful. I even left work rather late.

I kept my clear plastic shower cap in my pocket just in case it started pouring, but there was no need. (The shower cap fits perfectly over my helmet.) By the time I arrived home, the sky was only spitting.

The ride home was nice. I went past the hospital on the way home. I like that four-way stop. I can't think of anything else that's interesting about my ride home today.

It's supposed to POUR tomorrow. We'll see about riding, since I'll have my laptop and I don't have a waterproof bag. Need to fix that - I like riding in the rain.


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