Wednesday, April 27, 2005

bike trail hurrah!

i've often thought about taking the anonymous mask off and revealing semi-personal information but i always get scared to do so. my justification for keeping this anonymous has always been that if it's anon, i can actually be more open about my opinions.

well that's dumb because i know there's no such thing as an anonymous blog, so i practically post nothing and that's no good too. i could do so much more - photos, video, etc. but I hold back. maybe one day i will work up to it...

sorry, off topic...

back to the heart of the matter...i am very excited because after years of debate, an already long bike trail in my area is going to be extended nearly to my house, well 6 miles away. (easier than accessing the trail via the beltway!)

i really want to post details, but i don't want to reveal details about me, so i'll sum it up by saying a very generic:

the trail is so cool because you can go to, um, other cities on it, and some of those cities have bed and breakfasts. nice.

perhaps this should have been titled rails to trails are cool...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wha-hey? I know I'm always out of the loop on this kind of cool stuff but huh? Fill me in. Don't keep the route triple digit miles nirvana a secret!


10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

read it on the local newspaper's site

10:47 AM  

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