Sunday, December 11, 2005

Off the bike

Today's installment of "Off the bike" profiles the ever-hilarious Joe McCloskey! We met Joe while on a summertime charity ride. He was working the sag van for his cycling club, which sponsored the event.

Q&A With Joe:

OTB: Tell us about this photo...

JM: My daughter got married in Hawaii, to a native fellow. Very nice native fellow. I have trouble pronouncing his name...I'm working on it. Anyway, I am a big party animal and my daughter knows that so she put me in charge of the rehearsal dinner. This was a photo from the shindig. I think it went really, really well. My son-in-law's family was so surprised, let me tell you!

OTB: Favorite post-ride meal?

JM: Anything that's not tacked down. (Laughs.)

OTB: Favorite music?

JM: Since it's holiday time, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra comes to mind. I like to get the whole family together and just splurge on tickets on a nice dinner beforehand. It really puts me in the holiday mood.

OTB: Best bike gift?

JM: Well, I really want the new Madone. I mean, I'm a bit overweight but I think that having such a nice bike would really inspire me to get back to fighting weight. I've mentioned it to the wife. We'll see what happens under the tree this year.

OTB: Name one of your non-bike hobbies

JM: Tell you what? I'll tell you about two of them. The first is collecting 8-tracks. Now I know it sounds weird, but you know, I started this in the 70's and just haven't stopped. It's fun to go to garage sales. I usually take my bike and wear a backpack so I can store any 8-tracks I pick up.

Thanks for your time, Jim.


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