Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tales from the car

I've stopped bike commuting, for now. I feel fine and with the pregnancy at 4+ months, I'm not even really showing - I can still wear my regular jeans. However, the pressure from family and friends was huge so I stopped.

Today was tough. I was feeling nostalgic and in the mood to ride.

The morning was crisp and chilly, but not windy or snowy. I have a great balaclava and winter tights - the tights are getting tight though. I even have a big set of bike gloves that I can wear stretchy mittens under. Damn, I miss the bike commuting - even the winter commutes. I am feeling extremely selfish.

The car commuting thing is pretty easy to do but I feel kind of angry when I get to work. I don't exercise most mornings now - I intend to fix that - and I have pent up energy when I get to work.

p.s. File this under "now I've seen it all"...I saw a UNICYCLE COMMUTER today. To make things even more strange, husband was in the car and he said that there must be two of them - a woman and a man. So there you have it, unconfirmed report of MULTIPLE UNICYCLE COMMUTERS.


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