Saturday, November 27, 2004

sofaking beautiful

i must admit that i'm dying for a Jittery Joe's jersey. great colors/design, cool team and coffee is a good thing in general. (i've never had jittery joe's but i will the next time i'm in ga.)

also, i want the jersey because there are very few jerseys that i like these days. usually, i shun the bigtime team jerseys because, well, i'm not on those teams and i don't want to be another wannabe. the plain jerseys from the catalogs are just too plain and i really dislike the cheese - Twinkee snack cake jersey comes to mind.

so i guess it all comes down to the fact that i'm just as vein as other cyclists. i'm not too vein to stop eating ice cream, mind you, but i'm not one of those out of shape jerks who rides the lance-mobile and wears postal from head to toe but has no intention of going over 10 mph. that's just dorky as hell.


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