Wednesday, April 27, 2005

ride report

miles: my odometer is downstairs and i'm too lazy to get up to look. plus, i don't think it worked today. again.

took a yoga class tuesday. i haven't done yoga in, what, three weeks and my body reminded me of that. need. to. do. yoga. more. often. that's that.

ah yes, on to today's ride...a bit nippy on the way to work. i didn't eat a big breakfast, just had a little yummy date, and that seemed to give me superpowers. i felt quite light and strong. i also think the cloudy, damp weather helped. my body seems to like that kind of weather.

i went to an afternoon meeting downtown and took the bike. takin' the bike to a meeting just feels so liberating. not only did i find a parking space quite easily -- hello! i'm a bike!! -- but it took me less time.

i even took a mini lunch today - stopped at the starbucks (ooh, corporate evil! flaggelate me!) for a chai latte (damn trendy bitch! you're disappointin' me!). i tried to hang out, i really did, but i just couldn't hang out. i had to get back to work. i'm that way.

so i pedaled on back to work and then closed the door to my office to make the quick change back into my work pants (i change into my cycling shorts because i hate to mess up my work pants. i am that way.)

we had indian food for dinner and then ice cream for dessert (our friends forced us to get the ice cream). boy am i glad i ride my bike to work.


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