Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Critical mass

I was all excited about breaking my CM hymen, but alas, that will not happen this month. Instead, I will be going somewhere with my grandma (family before protests, people!!!).

I am curious to find out how the CM'ers operate in my area.

After all, I haven't ever seen a CM rally/protest/demonstration/whatever, but I've heard plenty of stuff about them and I'm not about:

1) gettin' arrested
2) puttin' my bike down in the middle of the street (what if it's scratched!?! just kidding)
3) fighting with the po-lice
4) acting afool

Instead, I am about showing people that bikes are allowed on the street so face it, people.

Yeah, that's my agenda.

I see why some people in some cities where police aren't apparently aware of the laws are mad and taking action, and to that I say "Solidarity, brothers and sisters." (in a very white girl way). But my situation is different. We have police on bikes, and not a ton of bikes, but - KNOCK ON WOOD- I am used to faily polite cars (and confused pedestrians who start to resemble zombies whenever they see a bike while walking in crosswalks.)

This is not what husband thinks. He sees things quite differently and says that he does want to go to CM and put his bike in the middle of the street and all that. Glad to know that we're not into groupthink in my household.


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