Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Grow up, fans!

Had fun at the Bengals game last weekend. What a wacky game.

Amongst the usual craziness, two drunken 20-somethings a few rows ahead of me were shouting at Ross Verba during the entire game.

"Go home, Verba!"
"Verba, you SUCK!"
"Get off the bench, Verba!"
"You're such a wussy, Verba!"

In a way it was pretty funny because the hecklers were randomly picking on Verba, who was sitting only a few feet away. Verba mostly ignored the shouts, although he did turn around a time or two and smile.

Pro football players probably have thick skins for this kind of stuff anyway. On the other hand, fan and player conduct are questionable these days so why doesn't everyone just grow up?

The fans' conduct was just plain rude. I mean, here's someone doing his job. What would these guys think if Verba showed up at their workplaces and started yelling at them? NFL players can be puerile and they can be jerks, but unnecessary fan heckling just contributes to the problem.


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