Thursday, December 02, 2004

hot and not


ordering presents online (always hot!)

livewrong bracelets (so wrong!)

end of year slacking/time off of work (always hot!)

mp3 blogs

getting cd's from the library to copy onto iPod (do people really do that?)

the daily show (still hot!)

soups (it's wintertime, yo!)

10-speed freewheels

desperate housewives

the oprah winfrey show (resurgance, yo!)




trendy eyeglasses

george bush (we knew that!)

magnetic car ribbons (when patriotism turns to fashion, it ain't cool. in fact, it's just as cool as american flag mugs, american flag sweaters, and american flag crap you can buy at target that's made in china.)
all-holiday music stations

premature christmas-ness of any sort

weather below 40 degrees F

woot, lately (they sometimes have cool things)

livestrong bracelets (now suburban SUV types have them, it's no longer cool)

webmonkey (i'm still mourning)

pottery barn and IKEA

lame ass blogs about people's boring ass personal lives (hm, like this one actually!)

Hummers (the cars, not the sexual technique)

appletinis (that's BEEN out, people. got it?)

fruity girl drinks

friendster and orkut and all networking sites, really


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