Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I am amazed what comes out of my mouth sometimes. While riding my bike home from work last night, a small two-door red car with a zillion "save the earth" etc. bumper stickers pulled out right in front of me.

It was a rainy and somewhat dark afternoon and I'm pretty sure the guy didn't see me. Even so, I was a bit perturbed, so I yelled Jesus Fucking Christ!

The driver probably thought he hit me, so as a result of hearing my angry words through his rolled-up car windows, he jammed on the breaks. If I wasn't going so slowly, I would have slammed into his car's rear end!

The guy then started looking around, trying to find me. I was still behind him, so I decided to get out of the traffic mess (and away from him) so I cut down the next side street. Then, he started following me. I think he felt really bad and wanted to say sorry. He had a puppy dog look on his face. I just kept going.


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