Thursday, December 02, 2004

Keep your crafts to yourself?

I am a big fan of Craftster. It's da home of kick-ass diy crafts projects for people who think the traditional cross stitched 'Home Sweet Home' is way fucked up -- or retro kitsch -- and prefer to display a cross stitched pink and black skull and crossbones on their IKEAed apartment's wall instead.

(To demonstrate Craftster's excellence, they were mostly to blame for the way coolio but now passe marble magnets. Oh what fun I had with glue, round magnets, a round hole punch and the Archie McPhee catalog.)

Anyhoo.... the point of this post is that as with any hipster activity, you're not hip if you're a follower. You want to be the first to debut that duct tape wallet (that's so 2000!), or whatever the craft of the day is. If you're the 33,333rd person to make the craft and the people at Michael's already know what aisle all the stuff for your Craftster project is because a zillion people (well 33,332) before you asked for the same materials, it just doesn't have that zing anymore.

So what the Hell's my point? Glad you asked. I totally think there's going to be a shift in the net from "Hey look at me. Here are a bunch of ideas for free! Take them, please!" to "Yeah, I have ideas but you'll have to pay for them." because people don't want followers. They just don't. So there.

p.s. If you want a good crafty/hipster mag, try ReadyMade. It's da shitty bomb.


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