Friday, December 03, 2004

About me and thank you

Why did I set up this blog?
This is my 'me' time. As an only child, I got used to plenty of 'me' time, but as an adult, I've learned I have to create time for myself. This is not my main site and I'm not going to link the two. What's crazier, is I don't care if anyone reads my site. I almost don't want anyone to, but I'm not nutty enough to post all of my thoughts, as that'd be fucking stupid, and often times not so nice.

Who I am?

I'm a professional female who doesn't want to reveal too much about herself on this blog, although I'm sure I'll end up doing so anyway! (Most of my friends could figure out who this is by this post alone!)

Why don't I want to reveal too much about myself?
Perhaps it's because this blog is full of unfocused writing - no thinking before my fingers hit the keys - and as someone who makes a living writing, I consider this writing too shitty to put my name on.

Do I have pets?
They swim and I don't have to take them on walks. Any guesses?

Do I have any hobbies?
Glad you (er, I) asked. Cycling (road bikes) is my latest love. No, it's not because of Lance, but do I think he's way cool? Yes. His work ethic inspires me. I started riding because of my Bianchi-ridin' husband.

I really get a kick out of improving on the bike and I plan to start competing on the bike when it gets warm outside again. I'm at the age where winning isn't everything, or even important. I want to train hard and do my absolute best and see where that takes me in the placing.

Enough about the damn bike. Any other hobbies?

I used to own and compete horses while I was growing up, so I guess riding's in my blood, whether it's a horse or a bike. It's been awhile since I've ridden a horse, but I still miss it -- especially on pretty days -- and I plan to start riding horses again in the spring.

I also take yoga classes several times a week. The studio is near my house, so it's not a pain in the butt to get there. Even when I'm feeling like I did poorly in yoga class, I'm still glad I went. It's the perfect counterbalance to my endlessly frantic days in the office.

Shout out.
Hard Colden Mini Yan was my first commenter. A bloke from Glasgow. How cool - I didn't even link up this blog to any of my other (well-travelled) sites, and he found it somehow. Cheers, Yan.


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