Friday, December 03, 2004

Making the husband proud

So I've been following cycling for the few months or so and E is quite proud of my progress.

I still need to learn more about the greats like Eddy Merckx, but I'm absorbing facts and figures day by day and now I can even identify most teams in the peloton. Fassa Bortorlo has the white with blue puffy letters, Alessio-Bianchi is mmmminty green (yeah, I know, celeste) and so on... I even know of several domestic teams. Go me!

Like most folks my age, I use the computer to keep up with cycling stuff, and I must say that the quirky world of cycling is no less quirky online.

Cycling sites for the most part are very informative and quickly updated, but they're all lemmings when it comes to design. The only problem with that is that they have all adopted 1999-era designs, complete with old fashioned "button" ads along the right rail of the page.

Apparently, the people who run the major cycling sites have never checked out a major news site like BBC or CNN and seen the major advances in web design. No matter, despite a paragraph and a half, the design is secondary to functionality to me, and better yet, the "button" ads on cycling sites tend to be incredibly compelling!

Part of the old school design might be due to cycling's Eurocentricity. Many sites have international readership and many parts of Europe are just figuring out the Web.

(See, I told you this blog is all about me thinking out loud. Not pretty writing, friends.)


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